Diamond Angel Pendant Necklace

No matter who you are or where you live, nothing accents an outfit better than a gorgeous, meticulously crafted angel pendant necklace. Angels are usually seen as guardian angels, although they can mean something different to each and every person. Some people wear angel jewelry because of their beauty, some people like the grace and simplicity of the angelic form, and still others like the daily reminder that there is someone up there watching over them.

No matter your reasons or beliefs, a diamond angel pendant is a striking addition to any outfit. A piece like this stands out well with an evening gown at a classy event, although it still works wonders for daily use, whether at home or at the office. You really can't go wrong with an angel pendant. Silver is the color of choice for most people who wear religious jewelry, but gold can make a very striking statement as well. Much of the material choice comes from what looks good on you.

Some people have a complexion that works better with gold, and others look better in silver jewelry. Of course, the color of the metal also has to match the types of clothes you are wearing. Silver looks fantastic with light colored, pastel garments. A nice white dress with some simple silver angel pendant necklaces and charms can be a bold fashion statement without being overly ostentatious.

If you want to stand out from a crowd though, gold might be a better choice. Gold is a rich, noble metal that has been around for thousands of years, since the earth first came into being. Gold looks nice with darker colors such as black, rich blue, or red. Of course, that's not to say that it looks shabby with pastels either. In fact, gold is one of the most versatile metals we have, and makes an excellent choice for an angel pendant necklace.

If you're looking for a gift for somebody else, you can never really go wrong with angel pendants. Silver or gold, these make dazzling conversation starters at any gathering or event. You can either go for something big and showy or something a bit smaller with a subdued beauty that strikes you before you even know it's there. For something more classy, get a diamond angel pendant to really prove that your faith is unfailing, even in the midst of toil and trouble.

Angel pendant necklace & diamond angel pendants


Catholic Jewelry

A classic silver angel pendant necklace with diamonds all around the outer edge. It is a lovely gift to wear during the holidays.

This heart shaped silver pendant necklace adds a lot of personality to any woman wearing this piece.

A silver angel pendant necklace with very elegant detailing. This is best worn during the evening.

This piece is very special because the angel in this pendant and necklace is made out of ribbons. Very unique pendant of silver. Click on images for full selection

A smooth angel pendant of silver with an angel deep in thought. He looks off to the distance and thinks.
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This angel princess pendant is perfect for ladies all over the world. It also makes a great gift for birthdays.
Angel Caregiver Pendant

A traditional angel with diamonds surrounding this piece. It is a great piece to wear during a night out or to church.
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All of our chains come with an easy hook for you to attach your special pendant to.
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A very elegant and precious piece to wear out. This piece has been known to get compliments and a lot of love from customers. The Diamond Angel on 18" necklace. Click on images for full selections.

A very elegant and precious piece to wear out. This piece has been known to get compliments and a lot of love from customers.
Diamond Angel Necklaces

An diamond angel's wing can be proudly worn during important occasions and settings. It is also a subtle touch to any business meeting or date.
Angel Necklaces

A golden angel holds his arms tightly and prays for protection over the wearer and his or her loved ones.
Angel Pendant Necklace

This special piece has a guardian angel in it protecting those who wear it close to their hearts.
Angel Necklace

A gold angel looking off into the distance. This is a great gift for those who are always wondering or thinking about the big picture.
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This yellow gold angel sits quietly on an outline of a heart. It is the perfect piece to wear when attending church.
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A silver angel holds a quiet prayer. This silver angel should be given to those who need guidance and advise.
Angel Pendants Silver

This is a lovely diamond angel pendant necklace piece that anybody can appreciate.
Diamond Angels

This uniquely designed angel female is a great gift for anyone that loves something out of the ordinary.
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